Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Just when you thought it gets better It got worse

today was suppose to be a good day, the day that i thought all my burden on this pain would be over...
but gets postponed....interfering with my future studies..
Owh forget it...
Sakit hati je pikir..

on to another topic...
currently under dillema..
Ppl are asking me to visit them in KL somewhere early next month
i can't promise them but work has been piling like crazy
u know its the festive seasons and cake orders are coming lke a horde of bees...
i thought the best time to go there was a few days before i leave Malaysia cuz i'll be in KL a few days before the flight date..but then i wonder if everyone is in Kl then since it raya

Sigh haven't packed anything yet and seriously i haven't doe anything including discussion wif housemates abt wat to bring, open the bank account and so on...huhu..siyesly no idea