Friday, September 10, 2010

Raya Day 1

Well yeah raya today Rawks but not totally the best...

Well started the day with of course breakfast....the menu was Lontong and Kuah Kacang...delicious alrite...something we usually get oni on raya mornings...but something was lacking...the ketupat..This year we have no ketupat made due to my mum's increasingly busy schedule with her bakery business....she also unable to finish my baju melayu which i consider only 90% complete....still i think it was the best baju melayu evarr...since i get so many compliments today...oh rite this years raya theme colour of the family is turqoise blue...

We attended the prayers at the mosque beside the mausoleum which i can't remember its name...funny.hehe....overall the khutbah was okay..but something was wrong with the takbir....the pronunciation specificly (mentang2 blaja bhasa arab)...but i didn't actually noticed it until my dad informed me of it

okay after the prayers the whole went to Mak Tok's house in Mergong for a small family reunion...Then we had ourselves travelling all over Alor Setar searching for a photo shop that is open on public holiday like today...yeah we did find but apparently I'm really satisfied with the background provided...even so...we had a hard time squeezing all the 20 family members into a small room for a photo shoot.

We then visited a few of our relatives in Alor Setar ate lotsa food like Nasi Dagang and Bihun Sup...they were gr8 and we had a gr8 time...Then it was late afternoon that we had to hurry back to our house and pack things up before moving on to Perlis...

Nothing much in Perlis except i met some KL relatives....currently am at my uncle's house using his wifi..haha..

Anyways today's was gr8 since the whole family from my mum's side moved everywhere together unlike past years where we split in groups going to different me Raya is about being together as family...and of course..whenever I go i like it crowded as saying goes "The more the merrier" Happy Raya Peeps

Heres a copy of my raya message:

Sebagai member2 bek ak. Izinkan ak bg korg 2 buah pantun 2 rangkap

Buah betik buah papaya,
Selamat Hari Raya,

Ikan Tuna Ikan Sardin
Maaf Zahir Batin

Hehehehe maafkan kemalasan dan kelewatan ucapan ak skali. =)

* photos will be uploaded later since it's in the camera which i left at my grandpa's house beside..
Thursday, September 09, 2010

Happy Raya

well yeah...i'm listening the takbir now...somehow i'm feeling a bit sad now...aside from the fact some of my preparations for raya went down in hell and the dumb sms's keep on pending...this might be the last Ramadhan and Raya for me in late for regrets now...its a choice i made and i shall face it myself...

I spend quite a lot on shopping this year cuz i got my own money and yeah lotsa stuff to buy...tee shirts, slacks, accounts to open...housewares to buy..and seriousy i haven't finished some of this things...

There are some things i'd like to do before i leave like meeting some ol'frens around Malaysia..huhu..seems like its impossible...some frens are asking me to come down to KL to hv a small reunion but resrictions from parents and other thngs just disturb my schedule a lot...huhu...

Oh well tomorrows i'll take some time and chill out..huhu..

p/s i'm not really a fan of raya songs but wat to do since its raya? hehe and i got myself a new watch again...mwahaha

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Just when you thought it gets better It got worse

today was suppose to be a good day, the day that i thought all my burden on this pain would be over...
but gets postponed....interfering with my future studies..
Owh forget it...
Sakit hati je pikir..

on to another topic...
currently under dillema..
Ppl are asking me to visit them in KL somewhere early next month
i can't promise them but work has been piling like crazy
u know its the festive seasons and cake orders are coming lke a horde of bees...
i thought the best time to go there was a few days before i leave Malaysia cuz i'll be in KL a few days before the flight date..but then i wonder if everyone is in Kl then since it raya

Sigh haven't packed anything yet and seriously i haven't doe anything including discussion wif housemates abt wat to bring, open the bank account and so on...huhu..siyesly no idea