Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A New Destination

Yeah two post in a day not even after 5 minutes writing the previous post..
Juz found out yesterday that i will have to be at Kolej Ibrahim Yaakub UKM on the 1st of June to take my Arab Language classes before i take off to Egypt....Yes Egypt...to pursue MBBS and come back wif "Dr" before my name later in 6 years. To be honest i was reluctant at first to go to egypt...but then i accepted that fact little by little...Well egypt isn't so bad...haha..Firstly i planned to pursue the course locally but due to some circumstances i'll have to forget it...Actually i was the only one who wanted to do it locally while everyone else wants me to do it abroad...But yeah I'm ok with that...Like a Malay saying "Jauh berjalan, Luas pengalaman" meaning the further u go the more u knowledge u gain about this world.

My grandmother said that it was my deceased grandfather's wish to study in egypt but he was unable to do so. So now I'm taking his place completing his wish...I'm sorta carrying his will.

I'm ok with all that...its juz...will i be able to play badminton again?? hmmmm